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How do I create the rest of the body for this sculpt? And how should I embody some of these sculpting methods in general? And how would one try to make sculpting in blender more zbrush-like?

Hello everyone! I recently tried a new technique for sculpting that is not with  the skin modifier and i'm seeing how i'm working with it, I recently began a new sculpt: https://imgur.com/a/ZKobv

So, how would I create the rest of the body, and how do I use techniques that were used in zbrush with blender? I've only had the trial and a lot of things are different. But how would I make do?

Thank you for reading. I hope I wasn't too incoherent in this post, I'm about to go to bed after posting this. Again, thank you! Advice welcome.

  • Hi ihatelemons!
    Thats a good sculpt you are working on. Now, I would advise you to watch some tutorials and speedsculpting on blender sculpting so that you can get familiar with techical side of it.

    To create the rest of the body you can use grab brush to pull some geo out of the unmasked neck region and dyntopo will take care of topology so you don't have to worry about it, just like sculptris. Then, push and pull or sculpt on it to give it better proportions and forms.

  • Hey there Melons.

    That's and odd issue you are having with the grab brush. I'm tempted to think it's a technical issue as I've never experienced a problem. Are you using a mouse or tablet to sculpt?

    Also regarding your question of creating the rest of the body. What I'd do in this case is use the Snake Hook Brush to pull or extrude new topology then massage it into shape with the regular brushes. 

    By the way, I read your post in the Imgur screenshot you linked and had a quick glance at some of the sculpting videos linked.

    Firstly, to create the rest of the body; as Chetan Ranjan already said; Just mask off the areas you don't wish to distort, then use the Grab Brush, or preferably the Snake Hook Brush to extrude the limbs, and that goes for the fingers and toes. If you already have a body sculpted separately, you can connect it to the head via the Boolean modifier, and this applies to the arms, legs, fingers, and toes. 

    Now since it seems you wish to sculpt realistic characters, the only thing I can say is to practice, and practice a lot. It's going to be tedious, but that's the only way you'll improve. And look at plenty of references. This should go without saying, but study anatomy as well. 

    Good luck. If you need any extra help, you're welcome to hit me up on Discord if you've got it. 

    •  I use mouse :(

      And also, what's your discord? mine is ( Lemon12#2783 ).    I could use all the help and critque I can get. Nice to meet you!

  • Woah! Now that is something I have never experienced. As Shisou said, it might be an issue with your mouse. I would advise you sculpt things that can be managed quickly like fruits or birds just to get a hang of how blender sculpting works and when you are comfortable with blender go for human sculpting. You can also try to sculpt creatures because they are much easier to sculpt than humans, the anatomy doesn't need to be on point.

    Also, about realistic sculpting, you can only achieve that by learning anatomy- base shapes, gestures, how muscles work with each other. Look for Proko on youtube.