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Another issue with X deviation on the IK.R

Hi Wayne,

I struggle with the deviation on the X axis as Rivet advances in the timeline. I read previous correspondance on the issue... and still. In particular, I don't get where I should correct it. As if I do it, say at frame 65, 105, etc' I modify the cycle. I tried to limit the range in the Cycle modifier, but I cannot copy the exact frame at the beginning as the X value are stored elsewhere (?).

Can you please advise?

  • crew

    Maybe this drawing will help.

    Note that these values are just for demonstration purposes.

    But the key thing is you want the x loc offset value to accumulate.

    So if it is 0.3 on the first step, then it is 0.6 on the next etc.

    Does this make sense?

  • Thanks for the detailed explanation!

    It solves the problem.. but it deosn't make sense.

    I'd be helpful if can can undestand the problem for future situations. You wrote before it's trigerred by the way of working of modeling vs. rigging.

    Can you please explain? Is this X deviation is actuel stored on blender, or is it because a rig has a given rotation that it causes to deviate like this?



  • Also..:)

    While it enabled me to avoid the deviation on the X axis on the timeline, I still struggle to find the right value of the X. I basically tried different values to avoid the deviation but the setback is the inability to create a full cycle, i.e. where Leg IK returns at frame 25 the value of frame 1.

    I hope I don't want to bother you too much with this issue.


  • crew

    The feet have rotation on them by default (in the rig).

    I wish instisted that Kent change that before I rigged it - but I didn't.

    You can use maths to figure it out, or just zoom in and match it in the front ortho view.

    Use the 3d cursor or the grease pencil as a marker and then match the position.