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Key frames will not past to other side

I included a link below to a video of me attempting to past the keys unsuccessfully. I am unsure of what I am doing wrong. Thank you for your help :)

  • crew

    It looks like the left arm is set to IK mode.

    So the keyframes are being pasted on your bicep but they are being overridden by the IK constraint.

    Unfortunately Blender is not smart enough to realise that.

    Excellent video btw - made it so easy to see what your were talking about.

  • Unfortunately the IK did not fix it this time. I posted another video below of me going through all the arm controls with no success. And thanks! I love using this screen grabbing software when asking questions. It solves most of the communication barrier problems that I often run into without it. 

  • crew

    Hey HnT, hitting the button only hides the bones.

    To turn on/off the IK, use the slider in the properties panel.