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Old Dog - Melvin 2.0

So I got to masking Melvin's mouth and when I started sculpting it, I wound up getting some funky problems: It looked as if 'masked' faces were coming alive within the mouth and/or lips and growing like a cancerous tumor. I finally got it to NOT do that - not sure how it happened in the first place.

Going to try and replicate it and take a screenshot to see who has what prognosis.

GREAT?!? Wouldn't you know it. I justtried a very quick Melvin from scratch and decided to have some fun withhum. Got to the mouth - I can't duplicate my issues.

  • Maybe it wasn't fully masked, i.e. the mask you applied was at half strength and when your started moving things around it still had a little influence?

  • Well, here's Melvin 2.0 - FINALLY

    It's unfortunately taken me a while to get back to this, but I'm glad I did. Time to start marching through the learning flows

    • Nice

    • Not bad.  A better attempt, definitely.  Some things to consider:

      • The face feels flat.  You want your organic forms to be rounded (unless stylized a certain way) and since Melvin is quite the curvy character, it's strange to see a flat face.
      • The feet thicknesses are different.  One's smaller than the other, it feels.  Make sure to keep your proportions consistent. (Something to look into would be Figure Drawing for All It's Worth by Andrew Loomis for proportional relationships, perhaps?)
      • Your lip feels like it could be a bit more "lippy," if that makes sense.  Feel your lips.  Do they feel like a flat transition like you've modeled, or are they a little more fleshy?  How could you make that transition better?
      • The right tooth as you're looking at it looks a bit flat at certain angles.  Take a look at some teeth, maybe like crocodile teeth.  Are they flat like that?  Or are they smoother in a curve sense overall?  Similar critique with the horns.  Looks a little bumpy.
      • Looks like he's got an unintentional growth under his unbent leg.  Whoops lol
      • Hands look pretty good.  The one hand on the same side as the accidental growth looks a bit off proportionally in regards to the thumb.  Make a fist with your thumb over your fingers.  How far does your thumb extend?  Is that the same or different than what you've sculpted?
      • Eyelid pinching looks off, but idk if that's because of the sculpt or maybe a decimation.
      Overall, impressive for someone who's new to all this.  There's improvement from the last one, and improvement from here, too.  Definitely progress being made.  Keep going!
  • I'm having the same problem.