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I am completely lost

Chapter 2 and chapter 3 videos are going too fast. I am getting lost every second. A lot of clicks in options but no way to understand what is happening.

It seems that this tutorials were intended to a more advanced or experienced user instead to a totally newbie as i am.

  • I agree.  I think this series shouldn't be included in the Introduction to Blender learning flow because it assumes you know so much of the terminology and workflow.  It's definitely not as slow and gentle as the beginning to the flow, and I'm honestly a little disappointed.  I feel like I need to go watch other tutorials on YouTube for a better understanding of the basics of UV mapping, and that's a shame because we pay for what should be higher quality content/instruction.  Not to be harsh, but this series is not living up to my expectations.  It's not bad, but I don't think it fits in an introductory series.  Nothing against the instructor, of course, but again, I don't feel like these videos belong in the beginning workflow.  

    You're definitely not alone.  :)  We need to just keep going; it'll all click eventually!

  • crew

    My apologies for the frustration you and others are experiencing. I put a lot of work into this course; my best effort to teach introductory Blender/3D concepts like texturing and shading.

    We'll have to redo this course when 2.8 comes out. I'll make sure someone else teaches these topics in the introductory context.

  • These parts of the course looks like there was a leap from beginner to advanced in content, many new concepts are being explained at a very great speed, as if the learner knew what is being explained.

  • I'm gonna have to agree with what others have said.  You speak with confidence and obviously know what you are talking about but there is a lot that gets quickly glossed over not just in this series, but the previous one(different teacher) as well.  I ended up having to rewatch the last 10 or so videos multiple times.  Even stuff that I'm sure is trivial to experienced users is completely unknown to newbies like me.  As a very sad example, easily dragging  different menus into view is never explained, and I ended up with like 5 extra viewports that I couldn't figure out how to close without googling it.  I am still learning a lot more than I would have anywhere else, and love the effort that goes into CGcookie's courses, I just wish that y'all would slow down just a bit in the introductory courses.

  • Yeah I agree with the others and it's no reflection on the course teacher, I just feel like there has been a bit of a quantum leap knowledge wise here. I'm now on my third watch of this part of the course and I'm still not positive I understand it but hopefully it's something I will pick up more in other parts of CG Cookie.

  • Well I also do agree with the comments here. 

    This whole chapter about baking particularly includes tons of information in just a few minutes thus requiring additional explanation not to mention a decent focus to follow along. I think the no.1 issue here for a beginner (like me) is a lack of basic knowledge about fundamental 3d concepts which needs to be explained before the course.

     Also we all know Blender 2.8 is coming and many of us already use it which makes everything even more complicated and leaves many of us confused with tons of questions... like:

    •  Where`s Blender engine? Why it is not there anymore? If it`s not there how can I follow along the course?
    • Blender 2.79 or 2.8...
    • How can I transpose/replace everything what is demonstrated in Blender engine with Cycles or even EEVEE? Is it even possible?

    And the list coontinues... but the main idea is there - confusion.