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Grab tool question.

One thing I can't seem to get is how to move the whole part of the mesh I want with the grab tool. Whenever I use it, it only grabs part of the model (the part I can see) and not the whole part. How do I do this? If I want to grab the whole hand for example, how do I do it?

  • crew

    A couple things:

    1. Look for the "Front Faces Only" setting in the brush settings section of sculpt mode (it's at the very bottom of that section). If that's enabled, it may be causing the adverse behavior you're describing.
    2. Also, sculpt brushes by default have curve falloff that keeps strokes organic and not rigid. That's to say, it's not really designed to move a hand the way you're describing. But here's my suggestions:
      • Use the mask brush to mask off the hand, then invert it so only the hand is unmasked. Then make your grab brush really big and try moving the unmasked hand. Understand that the hand will likely be deformed slightly along the way due to the falloff.
      • Alternatively, you can just hop into Edit mode, select your hand verts and move it that way (optionally with proportional editing enabled). I do that frequently. If your mesh is really dense it can be a little slow. Then once you're done moving, just jump back to Sculpt Mode.