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Need Help With Snapping

I'm struggling with snapping.  It rarely seems to work for me like I see it works for you.  Would you please tell me the process for this or can you direct me to a clear explanation somewhere?  Thanks!

  • crew

    Hey there, in which situations is it not working similarly? I've found the behavior in object mode a bit unpredictable, but it edit mode it's usually solid. 

  • Well I'm using it in Edit mode.  Here is how I have it set up in the snapping menu.  

    When I want to snap to the nearest vertex, I am selecting the vertex I want to snap, hit G, hold down Control, and move over the vertex I want to snap to.  Most of the time it isn't snapping so my process must be wrong.  How long should I hold down Control?

  • crew

    It's a little hard to tell since the colors of the theme are a bit different, but it could be that you have snapping turned on, which would be why holding Ctrl wouldn't work. Holding Ctrl with snapping off will temporarily set it to on, and holding it while snapping is on will temporarily turn it off. You could also make sure that you're moving your mouse over to the vertex you want to snap to, instead of trying to move the vertex to what you want to snap to.

    Hope that helps! 

  • I usually have the snapping turned off and I use the Control to temporarily turn it on.  It sounds like what I've been doing wrong is trying to move the vertex to what I want to snap to, instead on moving my mouse over to the vertex I want to snap to.  Thanks so much! I was driving myself crazy. :/