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Question about the amount of geometry

I've been watching your tutorial and given it an attempt my self. I always seem to have way more geometry than what is shown in the tutorials. Is this a bad thing; should I be striving for lower poly count ? Does it give it a cleaner look ? I just ask cause I get this 'pinching' affect that I think is because of having to much geometry. Thanks.


  • crew

    Hey Declan, that pinching is definitely from having a lot of geometry in that area, so striving for lower poly count would be ideal. That said, since that's also a pole on a rounded surface, it'll always be at least little visible. You can see it ever so slightly on my model as well. Best of luck finishing it up!

  • I have this exact problem with most everything I do, I somehow put way too much detail (comparatively) in the beginning stages and end up with a little bit too much towards the end of my project.