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Different behaviour of the bevel tool

Hi Kent,

 I know this turorial is an older one. But still it is a very good tutorial an I often come back to this, because there are so many good tips and best practises wich I can use for my projects. 

I have a question regarding the bevel tool (Ctrl-B). I have a different behaviour for the bevel tool than you have. At 9:18 you create the holding edges for the sharpened edges with the bevel tool which leads to the following  geometry: 

I'm using blender 2.79. I created a small piece of geometry just for demonstration purpose which is similar to the faces shown in the picture:

When using the bevel tool (Ctrl-B), I get the following (different) result:

How do I achieve the same result you have? Or did blender change the way the bevel tool works?

Any help ist appreciated.



  • crew

    It seems the bevel tool's behavior was modified at some point between Blender 2.71 (which this video was recorded with) and 2.79:

    I'm not able to reproduce that behavior in 2.79. That's a bummer. If you prefer the old behavior, you can choose to do those beveling tasks in the old version of Blender. I do this frequently when retopologizing because I like the way 2.77 facilitated a particular task.