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Edge loop move increments

When adding extra features, for example edge loops, the snapping behaves in a somewhat counterintuitive way. For example adding an edge loop to a cube and then moving it, with snapping the edge loop will move in fractions of the face length. As an example of this, see 7:40 in the video: if you pause it as that edge loop is being moved you can see that it will move in increments of 0.45, which is 10% of the face length. Is there a way to make it move in unit or 1/10 unit steps (i.e. 1 m or 10 cm)? I notice that you seem to be in the habit of creating edge loops, placing them, and then dragging them with the manipulator. This seems to work, but is inefficient. Similarly edge slide suffers from the same problem.

  • crew

    Hey there, I'm not aware of a more efficient way to do it since, like you mentioned, edge slide (same function as sliding the new loop) is entirely based on percent distance instead of absolute units. If you do find a better way, I'd love to know as well!

  • dd401tq ... thank you for pointing this out as I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out just how Jonathan was getting such exact measurements. I did not notice the manipulator being on before. Guess that how I lost my job at the CIA.

    Thank you for asking the question and pointing those little idiosyncrocies out.