Liviu Marian Sopon (akiraokihu)

8 answers · asked · Lesson: Model a Husky Puppy · Course: Blender Mesh Modeling Bootcamp

Can't submit exercise

Hey! I guess you changed the way we submit our exercises. I can't submit my exercise anymore. In the past, we uploaded a link to the model. Now we need to enter our username. There's a problem: the application from tells me "Nothing found. Add models to your Sketchfab Account and make sure they are published. Need an account? Sign up at". I put the model on public, I tried writing my username all lowercase, I still get the same message.

PS: Some feedback on the new submission form: in my opinion, the old one was better. With that one I could keep my models on private. I want to put on public only my personal work, not my exercises as well. Is there any other way I can keep my exercise submissions private and still submit them here?