Roman Ozerski (romanozerski)

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Why do I have such a poor workflow?

I got to the 10 min mark when i started noticing one N-gon after another all over my logo, I've been going for about 15 minutes removing the n-gons around the entire mesh and i'm almost done. But I'm unsure of how i managed to have such a poor workflow to allow that to happen, I know I added the quad junctions where I needed it as instructed. So if i followed closely and added the junctions, is there anything else that might of caused my oversight then sudden "oh i now have n-gon vision, AND THEY'RE EVERYWHERE"? I think it might boil down to the fact that i messed up early somewhere but i want to make sure that it isn't some past concept i've forgotten    

  • crew

    Hey Roman, it all comes down to practice, and noticing those things that you hadn't noticed before. I can't think of anything in particular that might have caused the previous oversight, but I can tell that you're definitely on the right track. If you're not sure where you went wrong, delete what you have so far and start over.

    That might sound like all that previous work was wasted, but trust me that it's not. You'll improve so much faster, since you'll find new ways to tackle those previously tricky areas. Good luck!