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Why do you use helper edges, instead of just extruding and scaling?

  • crew

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean...helper edges maintain a sharp edge for use with subdivision surface smoothing (subsurf). Extruding and scaling doesn't serve the same purpose. Though I may be misunderstanding the question.

    • I'm sorry that my question was a bit unclear, I meant the edge loop you extruded at around 1:09 and deleted afterwards. What makes it a better method that just extruding and scaling to the 3d cursor in the middle (of the entire object, so exactly in the middle of the mirrored object)? 

    • crew

      Oh oh, my bad. I did use the term "helper edge" in the video but incorrectly translated that to "holding edge" - 2 very different things. I'm the causer of confusion here!

      So in that specific case, the oblong nature of the shape means scaling would not produce an even bevel; the top/bottom edges of the bevel would be a shorter distance than the side edges. Using ALT + S to push the helper edge according to the normal is what gave me an even bevel.

      Though in hindsight, the technique in the video is not the optimal option. I could have filed the face, extruded slightly and then used the bevel operator to get an even bevel. That would have likely been optimal.