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Noob issue: uploading exercise to Sketchfab


I´m new here at CG Cookie and am about to send in my work for "Mesh Modeling Exercise 01".
I´m really proud of my results so far :)

My question: in the field for an Sketchfab address there is already an grayed out address. Should I leave that or am I expected to replace it with another, like if I have a personal account address (currently I don´t, but that could of cause be fixed)? I began thinking that CGC perhaps want all students exercise material at a specific address for a specific course, and that the grayed out address was just that. 

So far I have a very positive feeling about CG Cookie. I have tried similar tutor sites before, but I am not used to the interactivity and response expected from me as a student. It feels scary, used as I am to watch tutorial movies from my sofa, never having to show the results (if any). It feels a bit chocking but in a good way! As it is said in my current course "Understanding it and actually doing it are two very different things". Your expectations from participating students might very well push me from that comfort zone/sofa. 

Sooo: about the cube, cone and sphere, where should I put it? :)   

Best regards, Da Wide
(should I leave that comfort zone as well? Hide behind a silly nick name? Isn´t that just so "2000-ish"?)