Eric Cerio (ecerio21)

1 answer · asked · Lesson: Stomp Walk Cycle - Mirroring Animation · Course: Blender Animation Bootcamp

Stomp's feet slide in

When I move his foot along the Y axis it slides inward as if it's moving on the X axis too. But there are no X location keys. Is there a quick fix that doesn't involve manually editing the X location data on every keyframe to make up for it?

  • crew

    This is because of the natural twist out on the feet.

    Some rigs have the feet straight on, other rigs have the feet twisted out. In retrospect I should have insisted that the feet be pointing straight forward on this rig, but it's too late now.  Oh well, but it is a common problem that you will need to learn to overcome, so it isn't a bad thing in the end.

    There isn't an easy quick fix, but you can copy the x value from the first frame of contact, and then paste that x value on each of the other steps (first contact). Then repeat this for the last frame of contact.  I hope that makes sense, Eric.