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Snapping not working?

Hey Jonathan, No matter what, I can't get snapping to work. Whether I enable the snapping button or toggle it with "control" vertexes won't snap. Am I missing something? This has been an ongoing problem for years for me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Like, if I open a brand new file and start trying to snap it works, but somewhat after working on a project it just quits working. Very confused. Any idea what the issue might be? Thanks

  • crew

    I've never encountered that problem, but my first guess would be that Snap to Self is turned off (the icon isn't very informative, so it's easy to miss). 

    Hope that does it!

  • I kinda had that problem too for a second, I discovered that the snapping function kind of has to do with moving the mouse cursor over the part you want your selection to snap to, not just the part you want snapped. So its kinda like :You select a vertex, press "G" to move, and then just point at the other vertex you want it to connect to. Kinda weird since sometimes your cursor can be halfway across the screen when you're moving  something. I spent a minute fiddling for awhile before i figured it out.

  • It was the "snap to itself" button. All the other buttons turn dark when enabled, but this one is dark when disabled, that is definitely anti-intuitive. Oh well, it's working now., Thanks Jonathan.