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Live Event with Jonathan Lampel, Dec 12th - FPS Weapons and Substance

Hi all, on December 12th I'll be doing a live stream with Kent about how the weapons for CG Cookie's upcoming first person shooter game were textured, and the course that came out of it:

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You can sign up for the stream and see when it will be in your local time zone here:

CG Cookie Members:

If you have any questions about the FPS project, the upcoming course, using Substance Painter with Blender, or if you want a critique on a weapon you're building, just post it to this thread and I'll be sure to cover it!

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Nice, really looking forward to this one. I've implemented Substance Painter (SP) a couple of months ago in my workflow, things work out, but remains a struggle sometimes.

    - What shader/node setup do you use in Blender to experience the same looks you got in SP?

    - How do you export the textures from SP? Configurations? Bitdepth? Fileformat?

    - In a high- and low poly situation, do you always bake the normal maps in Blender and then later add them to your project/shelf in SP


    do you let SP extract the normal map from the high res mesh you've selected within the baking settings in SP? What if you only have a high res mesh?

    - How does SP fit in your recent blog article about 32 float and exporting normal maps to exr?

    Probably a lot more questions, but I'll keep some ammo for the livestream ;)

    best regards,