Having issues with the "hack" to keep the box there after the constraint ends!

Have tried the hack and visual keyframes as mentioned by another user but it messes up all the same using blender 2.79 currently

  • crew

    Hi Jeremy,

    I’m not sure what your issue is, but sometimes it is very easy to make the simplest mistake without realising it.

    The good news is, that when you figure out the problem, you will most likely know how to avoid it future.

    But the hard part is figuring out what is going wrong :(

    Maybe skip this one for now and come back in a week to tackle the problem fresh.  Watch the video again and make sure you are not missing something so obvious that is almost mocking you when you see it again. (This happens to me all the time haha)

    If your problem persists, post a video in the forum and @mention me, and I'll take a look.