Daniel Blackburn (kurogawa)

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Caught up on topology

I've made a few attempts over several days on this exercise, however I am really struggling with getting clean topology.  Are there any resources I can study to help me understand the fundamentals of topology? For example,  when and where to begin new loops and identify where poles belong?  

  • crew

    Hey Daniel, this is a tricky exercise so it's ok if it takes a while. Just so I know where you're starting from, have you followed along with the entire course and completed all of the projects leading up to this exercise? 

    • I agree with Daniel. This is definitely a big step from modeling a human head. I think modeling a dog is quite different than a human bust in terms of proportions and anatomy, especially for someone who has no prior art or anatomy experience. Someone from 0. 

      Had to look for a dog modeling video somewhere else to get an idea of what to look for. When starting out. Do I start out with the head? Do i start with the body? 

      I think the most difficult part of starting a model is "how" to begin and "where"