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Which version of Photoshop are these compatible with? I have CS5 and they don't work :(

  • Hi, it should work with any Photoshop version as far as I know. What moment does the problem appear at?
    If it helps, here's a guide for installing Photoshop brushes. And here is solution for a common problem when you can't find your downloaded brushes through Preset Manager.
    Also I saw a little glitch myself, when CGCookie_BasicBrushes.abr loaded but new thumbnails of brushes didn't appear. It was fixed next moment after CGCookie_CitizenBrushes.abr loading.
    I hope you'll find the way^^

  • Hi, thanks for the answer but I can download them fine, and I followed both those instructions - as soon as I try to load them in PS it says they're not compatible :(