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Baking Extra Details

Hey Jonathan, I' m about to give this a shot but after watching the course I have a question based on the previous course (modelling the gun).

Since we can so easily bake so many extra details through substance painter in the texturing process is there any reason to do this as we did in the prev course? And by that I mean the technique of overlapping high poly objects to our low poly one and just baking their normals? 

I mean apart from not owning Substance Painter which I get, I think prototyping all those details in Substance seems a much faster workflow but i might be missing something.

  • crew

    Hey Sinnay, great question. Baking the high poly to the low poly mesh is still important at the very least to get the rounded edges and high poly shading (for better reflections / highlights in rounded areas), which you can't get from Substance. The extra little details like screws and insets and such could just be done during texturing like you mentioned and then it's just personal preference. Hope that clears it up!