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The Melvin is not smooth at the end.

Hello, I learnt a lot from this course. At the end, I have made my sculpt model - Melvin, but it is not that smooth. Some parts such as the hand, finger, and mouth is more smooth (better than other part) but the body is not. When change the 'MatCap' to Metal material and take a look, the problem is even worse.

How can I make the body and different part in sync on the detail size level ?

  • crew

    The beauty of dynamic topology is isolated polygon detail. But you definitely don't want inconsistent polygon density to be noticeable. So when I want to add more polygons to areas without changing the shape - mainly wanting to smooth out areas with more polys - I'll decrease the detail size (increasing polygon density) and use a really weak inflate brush to generate that new density. Then smooth it all out with the Smooth brush.