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Sketchbook - silentheart00

2019 Goals

Moving over the thread from the other site.  Didn't have a lot of things on there, so it should be easy.

Hi guys. It's been a few years since I've drawn anything seriously, and now I have a DND group with a diverse cast of characters as inspiration. My first project is my half-elf hexblade. Here's a rough face concept with base colors laid down. Feel free to really rip into my art as I need to learn how to handle tough critiques as well as know where I'm weak.

I need to make the ears less pointy as I forgot I was a half-elf. Also, can't seem to quite get that spiky punk hair I want, but I'm sure it'll work itself out in iterations.

Working on the hair, trying to see if I can get it how I want it to be. Been playing around with the chalk brush and I really do like it. My facial proportions might be off, like maybe need to lower the nose just a touch or just redo the nose entirely.

Critiques are welcome.

Armor concept silhouettes.

Found a posture online (terrible, I know, but needed something quick). I like the asymmetrical spikes along the figure more; brings an interesting movement and balance to the overall figure. Think I'll focus on pointy elements throughout the armor since the character can be a bit abrasive lol.