keeping the clay workable

My clay keeps "cooling" as I work with it. I have put the Monster Clay in the oven a few times already. Is it possible to keep the container the clay comes in under a heat lamp to keep it soft while using from it?

Also, my figurine has also hardened before I was able to smooth it out. Can this be put in the oven to soften it up? Will the wire armature be an issue?

  • crew

    Hey Simon!

    First off, yes, you can put your figurine into the oven, just not the microwave. The underlying metal armature and microwave don't go together, but I'm sure you're aware of that.

    However, if you have a hairdryer at hand I would suggest using this to heat up the clay surface of your figurire. The hairdryer allows you to apply heat more concentrated in one area, and you don't ristk accidentally melting the bottom of your sculpture - because the baking sheet will be what heats up the quickest, being very conductive to heat.

    You can easily turn the box your kit came in into a clay oven. Simply line the box with aluminum foil for insulation and reflecting the heat off of the sides of the box Then cut a hole into the lid that's just large enough to have enough of the heat generated by a heat lamp coming through to soften up the clay, but small enough so it won't dissipate too quickly.
    With the right bulb you can even have the lamp rest on the lid, basically closing the gap between the lampshade and the box to keep the heat in. Just becareful here not to use a bulb that's too strong for the small box. After all, the box is made of cardboard, and you don't want to incincerate it (or melt the clay into a puddle ;) ).

    Have fun sculpting!