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Cannot not add Keyframe Unless I manually Move Bone Blender 2.79

So I have (all bones selected) "Shortcut I">LocRot selected, Automatic Keyframe turned on, and the "Double Key" button right next to it on, and Active Keying Set to Available. I set the contact poses for all my bones keyed in on all of the Contact Markers (Original Pose, Mirrored, and Original),

BUT whenever I try to key all of my bones so that they have a keyframe in any of the other positions (Say for "Passing" or whatever it doesn't matter.) it will not let me add keyframes stating "Keying Set Failed to Insert Any Keyframes". Now say if I reset the foot roll bone it adds an automatic keyframe which is good. Heck if I move the toe_pivot in any axis by .00000000001 it will add a keyframe but it wont add a keyframe if it has not moved for some reason. I'm having to take each bone and move it by +1 or whatever and then -1 back into its original place just to get a keyframe added. I cannot find any solutions on google aside from deleting my keying sets from under the Properties>Scene>Keying sets but I have nothing to delete there to begin with.

My user Preferences I have set are  Only Insert Needed, Show Auto Keying Warning, and Only Insert Available checked under Editing>Keyframing.

Additional Info if it helps:

bpy.ops.anim.keyframe_insert_menu(type='__ACTIVE__', confirm_success=True)
Keying set failed to insert any keyframes

Any suggestions or what user preferences do I have wrong?