Matt Scott (mugen893)

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Completing the hair for animation

So after the I am complete with the hair, what do i do to merge it with the model without any deformation??

  • crew

    There's more than one way to do it. Here's 2 options for *static* inclusion with your character model:

    1. Convert the hair tubes to mesh objects with ALT + C (Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text). From there you can merge them with your character mesh with CTRL + J.

    2. Parent your hair curves to your character model or rig with CTRL + P. If you want your hair to follow your character statically, this is a non-destructive way to do it. In case you wanted to easily modify the hair later, it'd be much easier to do with curves rather than as a converted mesh.
  • Thanks so much your help Kent. I am getting closer and closer to completing my project thanks to you. I have one last question for.

    So i plan to be able to animate my model. Is it better to parent the curve to the model or the rig?? If I parent the hair curve to either, should be before or after I generate the rig??

    Thanks so much to all of your help and support.

  • crew

    I would generate the rig and parent the curves to the head bone. Happy to help!