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Object data vs Skeleton data

When moving characters from one place to another location in animation, do you recommend moving the object center or the root bone? Moving the root bones seems to be doing the animation but the object center remains in the original zero location. Will it cause any problems?

  • crew

    There's advantages to both, but in my experience it's best to first position the character roughly in the scene by moving the object and rig, then let the rig handle all actual movement of the character. 

    If you animate the object location then that will conflict with the rigs animation, making it much more difficult to adjust animation positions through out the animation. 

    Granted, I'm not an animator, though, so other's may have better insight. 

    Perhaps waylow could chime in?

  • crew

    Yeah, Jonathan is correct.

    You will want to position your character in a logical starting position (object mode) but keep on the "animation" on the armature itself (pose mode).

    Most of the time you won’t animate the "object", but you can think of it as a Master Root, or God Root as it is sometimes called.

    What is a logical starting point?

    Well that depends on the animation.

  • I see where some animators will put it at the start position, animate it I,e walking...then once done, use a Bezier curve to then have the character travel along the curve.... looking at maximo examples on youtube for examples...