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after bouncing, sometimes the character gets stuck

It happens if i bounce and click left or right, sometimes it lands mid animation and gets stuck like below. After that the animations get hung although the character can still "slide" in the floor 

  • crew

    That may just be a collider issue, it's also something that could happen on the 3d side. I haven't experienced it myself so I can't really give you any more guidance than that. I would ensure that your colliders don't leave small gaps between sprites. If you're using one type of collider try another like the edge collider. I would also look at the character in the scene view while playing to see if anything unusual is happening to the colliders while playing. 

  • I experienced this in my file, and also the included course file. All you have to do is jump off a platform at a very high height and land on the ground.

    On closer observation, it seems that the robot goes through the ground collider slightly if landing hard enough. Extending the robot's collider go a bit below the feet seems to fix it.

  • It's looking interesting can you teach me here, I hope you completed your project.