Tablet/pen settings

Hi Kent,

I am really enjoying your robot character modelling course, and I am just getting into sculpting section. I have a wacom intuos 3D tablet, which I like to use for sculpting. I was wondering what you use, and if you had any preferred settings for the tablet and pen (for example I have set the first button to "middle click" so I can pan by just air-clicking and moving, not sure if this was the best idea). 

Thanks in advance. 


  • crew

    Hi prashan - I too use a wacom intuos tablet. And the only setting I changed from the default was - again, like you - making the first pen button MMB and the second button RMB. I don't use any custom Blender hotkeys or anything fancy.

    I'm really glad to hear you're enjoying the course!

  • Just got a XP-Pen artist 22... works in Gimp, but after playing around with the Blender pref not getting it to communicate.... running 2.82 and the latest xp drivers.... but blender not seeing the pen.... any suggestions....


    • Send me one of those tablets (exact same model) and tell me what OS you are using (when it's a Mac, you'll have to send me whatever computer you are using as well) and I will do some troubleshooting. This tablet should work in Blender!

      No, but seriously I can't help. Tried to find a bug report with this tablet, but all I could find was this:

      Might want to read that, so that you know what you are up against;)