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Whats the perfect way to make the cube corners "cubic" inset?

The corners have two modifications:
1. "triangle inset", which is trivial to make of you use the vertex bevel.
2. "cubic inset" and then extrusion. i've managed to do it with some bevel and inset uses, but i wonder if there is a better, "intended" way.

  • crew

    The way I like to tackle the corners is by first subdividing the whole cube and only then using vertex bevel on the corners. The reason for doing this is that it isolates each corner into it's own section, leaving loops of quad faces going each direction through the center. 

    Like this: 

    • Then what?
      i can inset the cube in with ctrl:

      then inset another cube:

      then inset it out with ctrl:

      it works, but it's not accurate (i can't snap it to match the outer cube).
      it feels weird if i should make an inaccurate thing as an exercise.