Kim Jönsson (kimjonsson)

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Missing Gizmo color file

The Gizmo color file seems to be mission in the course download material. Or am I missing something?

  • crew

    The textures should be packed into the .blend file. When you open the .blend does the color texture(s) render correctly or is it bright pink?

  • I had the same question! It is not in the zip file directly but it's packed in the blend file like Kent says.

    Do not click "open" in the image texture node (like shown in the video) but click on the small icon on the left instead:

  • Would be nice to have this gismo-color.png as a separate download... I am following a ling in C4D with cycles.

    • crew

      Very interesting. You're the first person I've seen say they're following our tutorials with a 3D package other than Blender. Aside from this packed texture, how is it going?

      PS: You can extract the packed textures by opening the .blend file and picking the desired texture from the list in the UV/Image editor and saving it out wherever you like.