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Error Code 13 on Sketchfab

Tried a number of times to upload to sketchfab but error code 13 keeps popping up. I've applied all the modifers, used the sketchfab exporter inside Blender, used different browsers but no joy. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong?

  • crew

    I haven't run into that before, but it could be that either it exceeds the maximum memory limit (I can't see why if it's just a simple building though), or if it exports only the selected objects and you don't have any objects selected when exporting. 

    • Sketchfab support responded.

      "We don't support Lattice objects in Blender at the moment. They will need to be applied/converted to meshes and removed. We hope to fix this in the future."

    • Got that, too. Luckily, it seems each object in the lattice gets a lattice modifier. Be aware of your apply order