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Just wonder how can you think of such a clever use of modifiers, such as the flute effect?

  • crew

    It just comes with experience ddiaoheyhey. As you use modifiers more and as you spend more time modeling you'll naturally start thinking of ways to reduce repetitive processes and find methods for creating non-destructive models.

  • The above isn't really an answer, what you should do is take notes from the lessons, review your notes at regular intervals, and if possibly try to associate the information with something else, like an image in your head or a short story of a couple words.

    The review intervals should be as such:

    10 minutes

    1 day

    4 days

    12 days

    1 month

    And then it should have entered your long term memory, or rather, You'll have a hard time forgetting it. Especially if you visualize every time you read through your notes.