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Vertex bevel not working on top vertex to flatten 4 sided cone like shapes from other objects like cube

Was experimenting for learning sake on the vertex bevel in different scenarios like the 4 sided cone and stumbled across this.

If you create a cone w 4 sides using shift A -> mesh -> cone  & set vertices to 4 in the cones properties panel ,  you can use vertex bevel on the top vertex of it (in this example) to flatten it.   However, if you  create a 4 sided cone using a cube by scaling the top 4 vertices to 0 to create the cone it doesnt work on that top vertex but does on the bottom 4.   I also tried insetting the top face of a cube to 1 and scaling up on z axis to create a spike like effect to the top face of the cube and then tried flattening it using vertex bevel.   Whether you use f6 or ctl shift b does not seem to work.    Help please!   Seems like you should be able to create spike like shapes on more than just the program created cones and then flatten them with vertex bevel.   Wireframe (Z) doesnt help in this case for detecting geometry issues.

  • crew

    When scaling the top face of the cube to zero you'll then need to Remove Doubles for the Vertex Bevel to work. Unless you enable the Mesh > AutoMerge Editing Blender will not automatically merge duplicate vertices into a single vertex. 

    You can remove doubles by selecting everything and pressing W > Remove Doubles while in Edit Mode.

  • Ahh,  THX good to  know.  Found auto merge editing select box - thx  

    I knew about remove doubles but didnt realize that i needed it in this case.