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Get High Quality Textures for Free

I know the title sounds like some scam, but I wanted to share a great place we here at CGCookie have used in the past for textures. Game Textures is the site I'm referring to and probably one of the best resources for high quality textures that can be used for 3d models, games, or whatever you see fit. They also have a few different types which include Substance Painter textures, traditional PBR textures and a variety of textures ranging from nature to decals to unique textures like clothing. 

I saw free because you can sign up with a free account and get 3 textures per month. They have a paid subscription which I'd highly recommend. Even if you only sign up for a month it's worth it to stock up on some high end textures. The textures you've downloaded also stay available on your account to download later which is something I recently discovered. Nonetheless wanted to share this great resource with you all!