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Unity Live Critiques: Submit your Unity games and projects!

In the similar vein as the Blender live critiques, I will be doing the Unity live critiques. This can include any kind of unique Unity project you're working on. Ideally this will be a small game project that has plenty to discuss but I am open to Unity projects of all kind. If you'd like to get a live critique of how to improve your project from improving performance, to making it look better and feel better from a gameplay perspective then submit your project. 

The submission process will be open to Citizen Pro members and depending on how many are submitted will determine how many can be critiqued within one livestream. 

Instructions for Submission:

NOTE: While all Citizen members have access to watch these live critique sessions, only Citizen Pro Submissions are eligible for critique. And you must be an active PRO member during the time of the stream too ;)

1. Provide a Unity package of your project and/or a Web GL build if submitting a game

2. Include a brief description of the project and what you are aiming to accomplish with it

3. If you have questions you want answered or have specific things you'd like to see critiqued please provide a list of those questions. 

Any questions or comments on this submission process let me know. This will be an open ended thread for all submissions for Unity live streams. 

  • I would love to submit my game project to this but unfortunately I am only just beginning to start the unity side of it this week after a lot of Blender modelling over the past couple of years. If you re-do this a few months down the line then I will hopefully have  a playable demo of it for you to critique :) 

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    Sure thing, this will be open ended so it'll be available at all times. When enough submissions are added I can then start live streams for them. 

    • I know you said Unity, but could it be expanded to Unreal projects, too?  I don't know how much performance improvements and the like would be able to transfer over, but I'm just wondering if that's alright.  If not, then that's fine, too.

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    I would be open to it, but it would be more for general advice on the game itself. Since I'm not an experienced Unreal user I couldn't go into detail. I do like the idea of game critiques in general so it would be a fun topic to explore. With Unity projects I could go in much deeper but it's not to say that general advice can't be in depth either so it should be fine. 

  • Just to update you, I spent last week getting to grips with Unity and an addon called Adventure creator. I have a very basic version of one of my game scenes done, and I am about tor start it again with what I learnt to make the whole scene properly. I expect this to take atleast a month, if not longer, but when I am done, I believe it will be at the level where a critique would be really great as I will then be going on to create all the other scenes from the game :) . 

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    Great, I've never used Adventure Creator before I am familiar with the asset. Would be curious to see what you create with it. 

  • Thankyou :) , I will keep you updated in here and am hoping to get a WIP thread for the game started in the coming months once there is enough to show. 

  • Quick project for my parents. They like match3 games but they hate ads :D I like to think about it as "done" but it needs serious polish.

    I want to upgrade this game so I need general critique like what's good and what's bad.


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      Ah thanks, I can look into adding this into a live stream soon. Not sure how much I can critique but it could be fun to talk about it and also give others insight. Thanks for posting a link to your game. When I have a live stream ready for critiques I'll let you know. 

  • If it's any help, I would like to think that my demo level will be finished up in the next 4 to 6 weeks jgonzalez 

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    Awesome, if you need any guidance or get stuck on anything let me know. 

  • how to got stuck on render took ages 

    how to fix the my logo called kick-ASS movie logo

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    Thanks, I replied to your other thread regarding the issue. Lets try to keep this thread for submissions of projects to keep things organized. 

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Here is the first level of my game (you tried one of my very first versions months ago, but this is an improved and more optimized version, it's all redone from scratch, from the level to the characters). Your post about optimizing for mobiles was really useful. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    My game is still on development, but the first level has all the functionalities and logic I will be developing for the rest of the levels. The game is meant to be for IOS, but I developed a simple input system for WebGL to be able to share and test the game from an URL. The movement is managed by the arrow keys and the action by the space button. Then you can use the mouse for the UI.

    The game works fine on Chrome, I saw some errors in Firefox that have been already reported to Unity, I feel it's some bug with the player. So I would recommend to play it on Chrome.

    My game is an RPG with lots of combats and some humorous situations. It's inspired by some old games such as Monkey Island and Ghouls'n Ghosts (even if none of those are RPG, but I used some of their ingredients).

    I would like to know if the game feels interesting enough for the player to keep playing, exploring and discovering the rest of the levels. I'm interested to get feedback about functionalities, about if the game communicates efficiently how it works, if the combat feels responsive and appealing, about the style and mood of the game ... I know I'm asking for a lot, so I will be happy just with an overview critique and if you detect any major issue.

    Here is the URL:

    Thanks so much for opening a thread like this, and for your time. I really appreciate it.

  • crew

    Hey Daniel, I remember your game. I'm not sure when I'd create a live stream for this, there hasn't been many submissions that I feel could use in-depth critiques but I'd be happy to leave critiques for your game here. 

    Overall I enjoyed the game but I did have some input on what could be improved. I played the Web GL version you linked so the iOS version may look/play differently.

     Here are my improvements:

    Character movement felt a bit slow, maybe a tad faster would feel just right. Animations in general were great though, but running around felt like it took longer than expected. 

    Make everything brighter, it felt very dark. Not in a "night" sense but in a low light sense. Some areas were literally black while others were slightly brighter. More color would definitely help liven it up. 

    Same with the skeletons, they were dark gray. Maybe they would look better with white, or just something that really makes them stand out color wise.

    If I pick up something for the first time, it should be equipped without a notification asking me to do so. For similar pickups then I'd be prompted to.

    Make it so that the player instinctively pulls out his weapon when enemies are nearby. The Witcher 3 does this and it's great, you instantly know that you're going into combat. I'd say reverse the mechanic you currently have, instead of the weapon being put away automatically, have it so that the player must press a button to put it away but automatically takes it out when danger is present. 

    Will the repairing of weapons and shields be used in conjunction with materials needed? If not, then it seems a bit of a pointless feature that just detracts from the game. If I had to find a blacksmith to repair my parts and/or I needed to find metals to repair them then it could be a fun thing to have. On that note I would also ensure that weapons/shields last a bit longer.

    I wasn't aware of how the shield worked. I figured out the sword/axe mechanic after pressing a few buttons, but never knew how the shield would work. Could I use the shield to deflect attacks? 

    The UI felt a bit big in relation to the screen. I would say decrease the size of the UI for the weapons/shield/armor. This is probably something to consider more for the mobile version, it may look great there if so disregard. 

    I did run into this error a few times, it may just be Web GL but it froze the game both times requiring me to restart:

    Overall though I think it played great. For a mobile game I think the visual style works and could make for a fun game to just play on your phone. Combat felt natural, although it didn't excite me to attack the skeletons. I would love to play a fun adventure game like this on my phone so I believe it would make for a great mobile game. Controls are simple and would work with touch controls. Good job, feels better than the first iteration. I wasn't able to complete the game as it froze when I got to the red orb/crystal.

  • Hi Jonathan, thanks so much for your time, your feedback has really interesting ideas.

    About the Character movement, I guess you mean the speed of the character. I set the speed of the character to match the animations, I will check if I can increase the speed and still look natural. I felt the speed was a little bit slow as well, I think you are right, a faster speed will help.

    About the lightning, I totally agree, there are some dark spots that should be lighter. I have to work a little bit on the lightning and maybe make everything a little bit brighter.

    The idea about the materials is great, I like it. The blacksmith would be great as well, but I want the player to be able to look for energy to fix his items in the same level, adding the blacksmith role will make things more complicated in terms of development. But I really like the idea of the materials as a side mission in the levels. I will totally integrate that.

    You can't really use the shield to block attacks, the shield only increases your defense to take less damage. I had similar feedback about that, so I totally need to think about a way to include that, but I want to keep the controls really simple to not have tons of buttons on the screen.

    I know the UI is a little big, but it works fine for mobile. 

    The error you are pointing has been reported to Unity by other people, I think it's a bug from the web player, there is no so much information about it. It's annoying because I share the game via URL, but I'm not so worried as only happens in the webGL version. I t would be great to fix it though.

    I want to work more in the combat, your comment saying it didn't excite you made me worried, hehehe, ... I created a routine that revives the enemies after x seconds, so the long you stay in the level, bigger are the chances for you to die. In the first level is not so obvious because I wanted to make it easy for players to learn about the mechanics of the game, so the first waves are small and not so noticeable. If you have any ideas to make it more exciting, I'm totally open :-)

    I appreciate very much your critique and you brought some brilliant ideas. Thanks so much!!