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Hi, I couldn’t find a video detailing the node tree of the Fresnel group node. I checked current courses like Fundamentals...

Hi, I couldn’t find a video detailing the node tree of the Fresnel group node. I checked current courses like Fundamentals in Shading, the Pancake Hobo and even archived courses… I am a total beginner to Blender and can’t figure out what nodes connect to both the group input and output Factor A + B sockets. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you :) This is so far what I have based mostly from the Pancake Hobo course (butter shader) along with much guess work with regards to the possible group output and input as I attempt to imitate Kent's final group node:
  • In the source files you will find the finished blend file "ocean_finish.blend". If you select a collapsed node group and hit the tab key it will expand revealing it's inner workings. I hope this will get you back on track. ;)
  • Hi Wanderingmonk7 thank you for your reply. I am unfortunately currently going through the CG Cookie trial, so I can watch videos but I do not have access to the source files.
  • I will send you 5 day trial. ;)
  • Hi, thank you... I did get an email but I don't know what to do next - there is no information or link in the email? Thanks again.
  • Hi, that was weird I had posted a reply to you but although submitted when I checked the thread again it had disappeared! I just wanted to respond to your message: (a) When double-clicking your avatar I cannot send a message to you, (b) yes you are correct I am taking part in a new members 14 day trial period. The trial period is great as it allows total beginners, like myself, to explore CG Cookie and get a taste for the courses. However, we cannot download videos which is understandable. We also cannot download any course files or assets. I have mixed feelings about this. On one side I understand CG Cookie wishes to guard its assets but on the other side how are we supposed to get a "real" taste for the CG Cookie experience if we are stuck in a certain course because the instructor is basing the course on course/source files that we don't have access to? Just as an example, I am loving Kent's course but I spent half of the day yesterday researching and trying to figure out the make-up of Kent's Fresnel node group. I think I am close but I know that I still haven't achieved it and my renders look different from Kent's. Anyway, I can't complain as the trial is free. I just wanted to give a little feedback. Wandermonk7 you wouldn't happen to have a screenshot of Kent's Fresnel node tree? :)
  • We think alike. As I was reading I was thinking I should post a screenshot. ;)
  • Hi, do you know why when I post replies to you sometimes they post, sometimes they seem like they are posted but then they disappear? I wrote you 2 replies and they are gone :/
  • crew
    My apologies for the confusion. This is embarrassing, but I've forgotten which video I taught how to construct my Fresnel node...I've looked an looked for it but haven't been able to locate it.

    If anyone knows which lesson I taught the fresnel node construction, please refresh my memory!
  • Hi Kent, thank you for your reply. I have (finally) found a video where you hit the tab key and show us your mysterious Fresnel node! ;-) It's in the Marble Shader Forge video at 27'57''. As feedback, please note however, that this video is your 15th in the Shader Forge series despite your using the node group in the first Water Bodies shader. Anyway, I just have 1 question, why are your Group output sockets for the Fresnel node yellow? Shouldn't they be gray? Thanks again Kent for sharing your knowledge with us, as a total beginner I am extremely grateful for your fun and informative video tutorials!
  • crew
    Ahh thanks for pointing me there bblueindigo! That's actually a good question about the sockets being yellow...I'm not sure why they're not grey (?)
  • As to the color of the group output sockets. The will be the color of what they were connected to when created.
  • Mr. Trammell builds his Fresnel node in the Skin Shading with Cycles tutorial located in the archive. 19:50-25:20. Mr. Trammell doesn’t add the multiply nodes or the group node here. Here is the link: