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The third noise texture at 17 minutes is coming out at the wrong angle for me. As far as I can tell I'm entering everythin...

The third noise texture at 17 minutes is coming out at the wrong angle for me. As far as I can tell I'm entering everything the same as in the video, so I'm baffled over it. 45 degrees just won't give me that nice edge-on slope. (I'm using Blender 2.76 on Windows 8.1.)
  • I also ran into this issue with Blender 7.26. I tried it with Blender 2.70 and got the same result as in the video. I'm guessing something has changed (although my understanding of this is very limited). I was able to get close using the following rotation settings (X: 45, Y: -45, Z: 45). It produces the nice slope, but the angle is a little steeper. The rotation settings (X: 60, Y: 0, Z: 90) are a better match for the angle, but there seems to be a little distortion at the bottom of the shader totem.
  • I am experiencing the same thing as both of you running Blender 2.77. Following the video step by step and changing the rotation on the 2nd Mapping node to 45 degrees for x, y and z does not produce the straight lines shown on the video.
  • Playing around with the rotation I have found the following ranges to work fairly well x: 60-65, y: 0, z: 60-65. I have no idea why this is so different from the video...
  • Same problem here! Using 2.79. Makes no sense and definitely frustrating. This is a recurring problem throughout the entire shader forge course, especially the "Bodies of Water" one. Whenever Kent uses a rotation in the Mapping Node, expect problems if you're running a Blender build other than 2.70. You're going to have to do a lot of tedious tweaking to get the rotations to match the videos. :(

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    Sorry to hear about confusion in this thread. I still use the same techniques for shading and node network construction as I did in these lessons, so I'm not quite sure where the disconnect is happening. One thing I will say is that the information to learn is not the exact values I plug in. Rather the concept of how to tweak the values is what I hope you learn.

    In practice, I don't memorize certain values for the mapping node. But I understand how the node works and thus how to go about tweaking the values to my needs. I think that's why the nodes seem to function the way they always have to me, even if the underlying math was changed.

    Does this make sense?