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progression paradise for my work

                                    Welcome every hope you enjoy what you see

Well what i'm trying to achieve with this topic is to get as much feed back as i can on my work. i would love it if everyone approach my work with a no hold back mentality and give my work some constructive criticism. I'm going to be uploading a weekly image every Sunday. in hopes to get feed back and to make myself a better artist.

I wanted to make an owl but as you can see i ended up with this. Thoughts and feed back please.   

  • I think it looks great! It's a little rough and I definitely think you should keep working on it.  I see that you said you would commit to one image a week. You should keep posting! If you can't commit to once a week, don't stress. Just try to keep posting your work on your own time :) 

  • You are still lacking a lot of detail on face.

    First thing first,Every living creature with nose has a pair of eyes loop around their eyes ,you are still lacking those.

    Second thing is ,It's too flat from the front view ,seems like you missed their cheeks,the forehead as well.

    Third,The face is too wide while the height from top to bottom is too low. 

    If you are going to sculpt something ,you should get some reference first,draw them out without any reference is not going to yield a great result.

    Have a look at these reference for skull part might helps you get a better understanding of anatomy


    Cheers,keep up.