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BC1-1908 Homework - N647

Ok jumping into class a bit late, but here we are

Following the Chest tutorial with the class.

Homework Submission Week 1 & 2

Homework Submission Week 3

  • WIP : modeled the chest, and added a few decorations, did the UV mapping and started painting the metal.
    I have not painted the woods,or highlighted the edges and indentations yet, but seems cavity is doing a nice job there
    images taken from the view-port shading with flat lighting and textures, but with cavity on, I turn it off for for one of the views in the second image.

    not sure if will follow the chest tutorial to do the cavity detection as in the tutorial or go full hand painted yet.

    • n647 Nice lilies! Hand painting takes a bit more time but it's really satisfying. There's also no reason to not use both at the same time :D That way you can really push the details.

    • @drgnclw thanks, I ended up using both techniques at the end

    • n647 I like that there's a color shift towards purple with the metal parts :)  Looks like you can push the value contrast a bit more but I don't know if you're going to use a PBR workflow or not. That might change things around.

      Good work!

    • @drgnclw thanks, I always try to add some hue shift if possible, I should probably touch up the contrast a bit there, as you mention, may be good idea to separate the wood and metal material for that so may leave it for next week even if I keep the hand painted look with the emission shader.

    • n647 Looks pretty darn good :\

  • Homework Submission Week 1 

    Homework Submission Week 2

    Ok ended up applying edge detection and hand painting a pattern on the wood
    for the edge detection I went a bit different, instead of using dirty vertex color, I used the pointiness and the AO nodes in cycles, I still had to use a subdivision on the geometry to get good results, for this set it to simple instead of camul clark, got a couple artifacts in some rounded parts of the hinges but was minimal, paint it over off the map later.
    Also the AO node has a useful option to ignore other elements so baking was quick.

    then was to combine the maps with the hand painting to get the edges
    I could not bake the AO between part so I hand painted with a darker tone on some parts of the planks as to try to fake it.

    Finally I just used a simple emission material, and in cicles used the AO node again to get a result more similar to the ones that cavities gave me on the viewport.

    views of the chest from different angles in isometric using EEVEE emissive shader.

    Comparison renders: first row EEVEE emissive material; second row viewport on flat texture with cavity on; third row cycles with AO node adjusted on with a color ramp changing the black with a dark hue

  • Ok started working on making more of a scene.
    I m so far using what I already had from the chest to create a floor and a barrel

    viewport render using flat shading and cavity.

    For the floor planks I used bottom and side planks of the chest, and for the barrel, I grab the lid of chest, used half of it to create 1/4 of the barrel circumference, and the side of the lid, to make the cap of the barrel.
    to get the shape I scaled the side planks and used a simple deform modifier.

    barrel side plank modifier set up

    for the ring around the barrel I cut a piece of the chest metal rim, and then used a simple deform modifier - bend to convert it into 1/4 of a ring, and then with mirror and array I more or less built the ring and stitch the 4 parts together

    Process to create the ring from a cut piece of the chest metal rim

    then used a couple modifiers to adjust it better to the barrel and mirror to the bottom

    final modifier set up for the rings

  • Nice detailing. 

  • crew

    n647 Welcome back to class! You sure know how to make an entrance 🤩

    Your chest is gorgeous. A truly exquisite example of the treasure chest and barrel projects. I love LOVE the wood knots you included in the wood textures. Also the fleur-de-lis detail is lovely. Texture quality is fantastic...it's all just beautiful.

    You've earned an A for week 1 and an A+ for week 2 both for the quality of the work and for sharing insight into your workflow. The way you re-used pieces to achieve the whole object is very clever. Nice job!

    I know this whole scene will look amazing shaded and lit 🤤

    • theluthier Thanks, I was looking into the chest tutorials for a while so this was the perfect chance to jump in, hope the little insights are useful to someone.

      Was also looking into using some simple deform on the floor planks to slightly warp them and create a bit more variation

  • Thank you all for the nice comments, I m happy you liked the little extra details here and there, hope the little WIP and description of the process was clear too.

  • Started working on the materials, set up the metal and some compositing for the render

    Added little speckles to the metal and the hammered like effect, but used the blur we saw at the end of the class to soften this a little
    still deciding on the HDRM and maybe add some lighting

  • Worked the wood material now, since I had a per element AO map that highlighted the crevices, I used that to add to the bump map too.
    And as I read in another topic, I went for a fireplace HDMR with a orange light and added a spotlight on the back with a slightly blue tint to get some rim light and make like is light from a window or door

  • Well here we go, changed the floor material and put the right HDRI and the spotlight for the rimlight
    also added some bloom and

    Also made a second render with a more dark and less saturated HDRI

    Maybe should up the saturation a bit on the second one

  • Homework Submission Week 3

    Ok I decided to go with the second HDRI and add a point light on front for the warm light

    Also added a lattice to the chest to give it a few curves, but apply as a shape key, so I could dial the deformation later, or could be used for a animation, also made most coins silver with a few gold ones

    Lastly I added the coins inside with a simulation, made the coins a static object for this you have to apply visual transformation, also coins falling trough, I solve that by increasing the physics steps where collisions are calculated, this is on scene > Rigid body world, and then increase the step per seconds and solver iterations.

    with that think I will call it done here

    *edit: added the logo decal on the barrel

  • Ok so I decided to go a bit further with the homework.

    I added a decal logo to the barrel, for this I draw the logo with a alpha and used add image as a plane

    then subdivided by hand a bit to get even squares and more geometry and used the following set up for the decal.

    the simple deform was important to get it to the right shape before the shrink wrap

    Note for the transparent shader to work I had to go to material settings blend mode and change it to alpha hashed, or Alpha Blend

    Logo used for the decal

    Decal set up

    Camera animation

    After that I went to do a simple animation, mostly to better present the work, for this I had to check how to have the camera follow a path, and the chest lid to open

    I created a path with a curve between the initial and final position I wanted the camera then adjusted the path
    found this tutorial for how to animate along a curve to control the camera speed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsOSDYTsG7o 

    and added a constraint to the camera so would maintain its focus on a empty I had positioned in the front of the chest, the same I used for the depth of field, is important I had to set the camera focus constrain AFTER the follow path for it to work

    camera constrains set up, you animate the position with the offset, and use curves in the graph editor to control the speed of the movement, also set the interpolation to bezier to have a moth transition of the camera from still to moving to still

    Chest animation

    Finally added a small transformation to the lid using a empty, with rotation in the Y axis, and used the graph editor to make it open from smooth to a sharp stop

    Chest lid graph and set up

    And finally this was the result,rendered on EEVEE

    • crew

      n647 You finished strong! I love the addition of the logo decal. Very nice touch. The turn-around animation too - it's a great way to see how the materials interact with light.

      The wood is a little too diffuse imo, but that could just be my preference. I always find surfaces more interesting with a little bit of reflectivity. Regardless you'd done good work and have earned an A. Thanks for sharing your workflow and insight as well👏

    • theluthier Thanks, I felt it was missing some detail there so worked the decal based on victorian logos to go with the fleur de liz and the topic.
      The turnaround was mostly a way to learn how to use the camera better and show the hinges too, see how the light played with the materials was a nice bonus

      As for the wood, I may have gone a bit too subtle, thanks for the input.