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BC1-1908 Homework - Omar Domenech

Week 1 Submission

Here's my attempt at something challenging for me, an organic model, I'm really really bad at those. It's the first time I've ever try to model that of a human like characteristic and I've got to say it was freaking cool. First time I've ever used the sculpted method for a model. Box modeling was proving to be impossible and I could only see in my head the many times Kent has used Sculpting first retopo later and all the inflate here, crease there, pinch here, smooth to even the density... Sculpting was really awesome, I loved it. 

 I'll try to make it out of wood for the texturing and maybe refine the model to approach more of a wood finishing to go with the homework theme as closely as possible. 

  • This reminds me of a famous ape that used barrels as a weapon. Now that King of apes will BE the barrel. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

  • Hmm, I'm curious to see where this goes.

  • crew

    Omar, Omar, marching to the beat of your own drum! You always have to make grading hard for me haha. While the subject of this project is pretty far from the overall theme of the class, I really respect that you're doing something outside your comfort zone. And maybe this gorilla lives on the island where pirate treasue is buried - connection!

    It may be hard to treat this like the rest of the submissions but I'm also interested to see where this goes. So it's a C for fitting within the class context, A for effort and doing something outside your comfort zone, resulting in a B. The rule-followers might not like me for that 👀

    I'm glad to hear you enjoyed sculpting! So much of sculpting is modeler's freedom, especially for organic forms. Does this mean it was the first thing you ever sculpted??

    • crew

      ssmurfmier1985 hahaha GREAT POINT 👏

    • theluthier Phew, that was a bullet-time C dodge, Neo would've been proud .

      Yes, as far as I can remember, it's the first thing I've ever sculpted. I'm sorry to go so far out of the theme, but I figured I might as well take advantage of a few things, mainly the class format with deadlines and spectators, and step outside my comfort zone for once and not do hard surface stuffs.

      And also I proved to myself that it's a good thing to watch diverse content, all those times I've watched you sculpt, in tutorials and livestreams, even though I've never used it, it whooosh, all came right up at me and I felt very comfortable sculpting. I've learned from you even more than I thought.   :)

    • dostovel I, for one, am glad you are trying something outside your comfort zone because it makes noobs like myself more comfortable with a challenge that seems above and beyond watching a tutorial. I don't think he looks like Donkey Kong, in fact the art style reminds me a little of a tiki room mixed with angry birds. I swear I can see a second face in the chest (or is that just me), don't get me wrong I like the idea of where that may go. Or is it just a chest?

    • dostovel its always good to push outside one's comfort zone. if not, how are you going to improve. i'm also gettin back into more sculpting after doing so much pure hard surface modeling that its nice to be figuring new things.

    • blanchsb Yeah it was a misplaced vertex. It's a work in progress. Here's an update. I've always wanted to learn to do characters but I've never had the courage to start trying. This excercise is giving a renew will to give it a shot, I know is a silly monkey but hey if it works.

  • ya, we all can relate to Donkey Kong :)

  • Update. Sculpting and making characters is too much fun.  

    • dostovel great improvements! I think he looks cute :) his face turned out pretty cool! Fun character. I think the legs (mostly the knees) need a bit of work. I’m don’t have anatomy knowledge but something feels a bit off.. Maybe theluthier or silentheart00 can give you better feedback?

      Anyway keep going dude, I like where this is going!

  • dostovel Omar that is a fun idea, participating in the course with a scuplting, anyway it shows the power of the classes that people use the deadline frames to motivate themself in slightly off topics :-)

    However maybe you just started to create the context for the barrel so nothing wrong in that :D

    Anyway the model for me looks in the style of caricature, really like it, on the same way like your sense of humour in your comments

    • csehz Thanks Zsolt. Yeah since I had the demo reel in mind, I thought that maybe I could do something different, since it would be less useful for the reel to have something that everyone else already has the same of. 

      Also, yes, the deadlines and expectations from the teacher are an incredibly good motivator to get you going. If you do things your own way at your own pace, you hardly get anything done.

  • |If you do things your own way at your own pace, you hardly get anything done.

    That is sooo true!

    Looks great by the way. Brings back memories...

  • Homework 2

    Hopefully now monkey here looks more like a decorative ornament than being alive. Like something you would find in a pirate cave that holds a clue to where the treasure chest is. 

    Definitely with 2.8 you can work really fast, I really like it and the nun plays a part in it. Something that confused me is that now when you duplicate an image texture in the node editor, those image nodes have linked data, you change a setting in one, the other changes as well, that gave me some headache until I realized what was happening. 

    Painting texture is really fun, and seeing it updating real time in the viewport is otherworldly. 

  • dostovel Omar there is a fun here as always, good to come to your thread :-)

    Watching to the textured version, I think it is less caricatured and more cute. 

    One thing is sure, it will be not easy for Kent to place it somehow to the current class categories and grade again :D :D 

  • theluthier 

    Homework Submission 3

    Here is Bob Actually,  the Ninja Turtle Gorilla that guards all your treasure chests.

    I guess my goal became to highlight the fact that you can have an average model with average textures and still make it appealing with nice composition and lighting. Hopefully that came through with the final renders.

    Rendered real time with Eevee. I gave the nun a chance and I like how incredibly fast it is for trying out your compositions with the immediate response in the viewport. So many finicky settings though. I don't know, I gave her an opportunity, even though she lied with her internet pictures. Lets say I took her to dinner and I'm like jesus christ can you at least not wear the nun clothes here, and she's like, don't you use the name in vain, and I say to myself... oh god dammit... and she freaks out big time and I'm like what? what did I say. So we're trying to make it work.

    EDIT: Underwater?

  • Add some extra. Since it's so easy to change things around, I wanted to see if I could get an underwater look. I don't really know if it worked out.