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BC1-1908 Homework - Ciku

I'll be posting my homework stuff here. Comments and corrections are highly welcome.

  • Homework Submission Week 1.

    I chose to model a sign post as my homework. I haven't done anything special: I have used the solidify modifier in some places and the sub-surf modifier. The hanging board is being held up with a chain which I constructed using a torus.

    • crew

      cciku-karugi Welcome to the class! Your sign is looking good so far.

      Is it ready to grade? The only thing missing is an "officially" declared homework submission post like this one. When I grade I look specifically for the bold title at the top of the reply "Homework Submission Week 1".

      Alternatively you can update your thread's description with this label above your final week 1 image, like this thread.

      Either way I assume a student is still working until officially declaring the submission in one of these ways. So I'll check back later to see if this is 100% final :)

    • cciku-karugi Good start!

    • theluthier Can I add stuff as I go along? Is it acceptable? I am realising that I don;t see all the tiny details and other stuff on the first try, that I'm seeing what it could be afterwards... But I will totally understand if this is not allowed. 

      Thank you for reminding me about declaring my homework.

    • silentheart00 You can totally tell me what works and what doesn't, hahaha... I can totally take it. I started learning CG seriously in March, so anything that you think can help will be highly appreciated.

    • crew

      cciku-karugi You can certainly add as you go. The class is scheduled so week 1 is modeling, week 2 texturing, week 3 shading and lighting. So if you continue modeling into week 2 or 3 that pushes against the schedule.

      Most people find the schedule keeps them motivated and accountable resulting in productivity. But ultimately if you need to go at your own pace I would rather not keep to the schedule, that's OK with me. I'll figure out how to grade you relatively :)

    • theluthier I certainly don't want to be modelling in the second or third week, so I pushed myself until I got to this point. I don't think I'll be adding anything to it. I'm sorry for any trouble I might have caused you. 

    • cciku-karugi Using a pub as a boarding house is asking for a lot of trouble...

    • williamatics Hahahaha! I seriously can't stop laughing, that's funny... It sure is.

    • crew

      cciku-karugi Wow this is developing into quite a scene. It looks like you're enjoying modeling with 2.8?

       I'm sorry for any trouble I might have caused you.

      Not to worry, no trouble at all 🙂

    • theluthier Thank you! I certainly am.

      PS. I got the hang of the collection scene like you said (and another student, I can't remember his/her name when I had asked a  question on it on the first stream) I would through practice. Thanks for that.

  • for Karugi san 

  • How do I unwrap the roof tiles even though I had joined them? Should I separate them by loose parts then link their object data? I've tried doing this but then I have to lay out every single piece again. This is tiring after the fifth piece yet I have over fifty of them (since I un-joined (is this even a word?) them. Does anyone have any idea of how to go about this with the least amount of work?

    • cciku-karugi you were almost there!

      Separate by loose parts, but then go to Object > Set Origin > Origin to Geometry. (With all tiles selected in Object Mode!)

      Then you can link their object data and they will all stay where they are...

      Go into Edit Mode and make seams on the active tile and all will get the same seams.

    • spikeyxxx Yey!!! Thank you Spikey!!! That sure did it :-D

  • I've been having trouble hand-painting the colour texture... I keep getting weird lines as shown in the uploaded pics. I have tried to redo the whole thing: laying out the UVs and all it entails as per the course but I still get the odd lines. I even tried to go higher to 4096px but no dice, and this is happening to all the models I've laid out. What could be the issue? What I'm I not doing right?

    • cciku-karugi Hi Ciku, this looks like it is very frustrating. The first thing I would check is to make sure I don't have overlapping geometry. In my sword model, I had a plane hiding inside the cross guard that caused weird uv problems. The second thing I would check: If you decide to paint with a texture plugged into the brush, make certain it is not the texture that is currently being created. I made that mistake. I was getting strange patterns showing up as I painted. Hope that helps. 

    • ullreym You lost me on the second point, would you mind clarifying that for me? ... but I have checked with regards to the first point and there isn't any overlapping geometry.

    • cciku-karugi Sure, when I was texture painting, I accidentally added the name of the texture file into the texture slot for the paint brush. This caused a loop. I was actually painting with the image I was painting. It is a strange thing. You may not have this problem. For me, I started seeing images of the sword on my sword.

    • ullreym You are right, I do not have this problem. However I investigated a little further after confirming that I had not accidentally added the name of the texture file into the texture slot for the paint brush, and I changed the first texture tab's mapping (on top of the the 3d view) to 3D. See photo below: 1 (far left) is view plane; 2 is tiled; 3 is 3D; and 4 is random.

      But I left the texture mask mapping as tiled and it looks like (number 5 far right)... 

      After making the above changes, I now get fewer weird lines (i get three now)... 

    • cciku-karugi Could it be that your spacing is too large?

      In the Tool Settings, under Stroke, when using the Space method, you can adjust the spacing....

    • spikeyxxx I have reduced the spacing to 1% but the weird lines keep showing up.

    • cciku-karugi What is the Texture you are painting with?

  • Because I won't have sufficient time to redo all that and finish the hand-painting, I am submitting a half-finished result for my week two submission, but hopefully I can correct my UVs and then start on week three stuff.

    Choosing colours that are visually pleasing and that go well together was a little bit challenging for me... hahahaha. This was so much harder than I expected!

    PS: I changed the sign post... I wanted a simple one and this was it.

  • theluthier Can you put off grading me on Week two stuff? And do so together with Week three's submission? I want to sort the issues that cropped up first. Is this possible?

  • I was using an experimental version of 2.8 which I had downloaded a month ago and I thought that maybe that could be the reason for the minor discrepancies so I deleted it and downloaded the official version that was released; but I am still having the same issue. At this point I don't know what else to do...

    Edit: I decided to re-do the entire UV texture stuff from the beginning with the official version instead of trying to work with what I already had from the previous version; and it now seems to be working... I sure would love to know what the trouble was.

  • For some reason which I'm not privy to, the official 2.8 version is not working well with my laptop, it is lagging and hanging in a major way... this is so not going as planned. A huge part of me wants to scrape the whole thing off and wash my hands off it but the small part thinks that I can maybe salvage something out of all this craziness... Well, I'll give it another try tomorrow, I hope something works out!

    • cciku-karugi I'm so sorry you have so many problems with blender. I´am knowing how it feels because I've been through similar situations.I also know the idea of throwing it out.

      But the more important thought is the second part with this little hope that at the end all will be right.The problem sometimes resolves itself in an unexpected and mysterious manner when you have some distance. Then you have learned something and are motivated again. And all the trouble is forgotten.This happened to me many times.

      Unfortunately, right now, I can only help you with words of encouragement. You´ll make it.

    • mmonaloren Thank you Mona. Such words are also helpful, I'm glad you wrote this :)))

    • crew

      cciku-karugi Such a bummer that Blender 2.8 is giving you such trouble. Like Mona says, we've felt this pain before. I understand if this has squelched your motivation to continue the project. Usually I have to take a break from Blender or a specific project if it simply won't resolve the problem. Then when I come back a day or more later, I can approach the issue with a fresh mind or start a new one and forget the problematic one.

      I'll give you a B this week for the troubleshooting effort you went through.

    • cciku-karugi Yeesh, that is quite the trouble you went through.  Sorry to hear about that.  Take a couple days and come back with a fresh brain.  Sometimes software just behaves unexpectedly, so a small reset can help.

  • I heeded your advise guys, and took a couple of days off the project. It helped me calm down a little bit, I was getting frustrated and a little bit angry, haha... Thanks for that advice , Mona, Kent and Silentheart.

    I had to delete some of the models I had, and simplify stuff a bit as I  had a limited amount of time to do some work in modelling to patch up where I had deleted or modified models; to start all over again in texturing and now shading. It's been a busy two days.

    I need help though in the shading area... when I added my camera, it moved some of my objects when I went into camera view and tried to pan. The problem seems to be that the local camera has the "house" as the object value instead of the camera (but maybe it isn't???). I clicked the button above it and chose camera as the value object but it is still not working as I had hoped it would have. It's really far away, and most details are lost when I zoom in or the objects, too far away when I zoom out. When I deselect it, it reverts back to "house" as being the value object. I have tried to use the official release and the experimental one, but both of them keep giving me the same results. In the tutorial, there is no anything of the sort happening. Is there anything that I'm doing wrong? How can I correct this? I have posted a couple of pics on it.

    • cciku-karugi you still have ‘lock camera to view’ ticked on when you go out of camera view, so it keeps adjusting its view..

      I would recommend deleting this camera and adding a new one to start fresh. Tick on ‘lock camera to view’ and go into camera view mode. Pan around until your happy with the angle. Then don’t forget to tick off ‘lock camera to view’ before going out of camera view! Then it will remember your settings.

      Hope this helps

    • smurfmier1985 Thank you Miranda! Haha, that sure did give me trouble.

  • I can't render :((( Yikes!!!

    • Yikes indeed! 

      Let’s summon spikeyxxx :

      as our blender expert (😉) , any clue what might be the cause of this?

    • cciku-karugi had a similar problem on another file, not sure if its the same thing but check the panel on the right you open with N > view and see if its set to local camera, for some reason mine keep changing to another object

      maybe is another thing but may be worth checking

    • n647 that's the problem that I have too. I ticked the box on the "use the local camera", then chose camera under "local camera" but I left it on. Unchecking the box makes it revert back to "house". How did you fix yours?

    • cciku-karugi sadly not sure how to fix it, but just make sure to manually set the proper camera on the local camera on the right panel, and check on scene that the camera is the proper one and not a random object.
      Not sure why this happens hopefully someone can clear that up.

    • n647 That worked like a charm! Thank you n647 :)))

    • cciku-karugi Glad you've got it figured out!

      I wouldn't have been much help here, because I've never ticked Use Local Camera. As far as I know, that is for when you have more than one camera in your scene, so you can easily switch between camera views. (Although it is possible to set it any Object, even if it's not a Camera, that is something that you would rarely want!). The Camera in the Scene tab is the default camera and I think that it is logical that it reverts back to that. And I have no idea, what magical formula you have used to set that to anything else than a Camera.

      Lock Camera to View is something I also never used; don't know what it's doing exactly. Although I can imagine that it can be useful;)

    • cciku-karugi  happy I was able to help

    • spikeyxxx haha, I didn't set it to anything spikey. I had deleted it earlier while modelling and then added it back later on (shading and rendering). But thank you :)

  • Tried to render again but... 

  • Well, I am proud of myself... I saw this through even if not till the very last end. I have no idea what to do now, the way that my computer is acting, I don't know where to go from here. So I am posting  a screenshot of my model, it won't win any awards or anything, hahaha, but I'm still proud of it. I have a long way to go in terms of conceptualizing before I even start modelling, texturing, shading, lighting and so on. However, I have learnt a very dear lesson, it is sort of a cliche, but an important lesson nevertheless, and that is not to give up. Thank you guys (spikey, matthew, mona, silentheart, miranda and Kent): I seriously would have had a really difficult time going it alone. I have learnt a lot from you all. Cheers!

    • crew

      cciku-karugi I'm sorry to hear about the technical issues that hindered your progress. You've got the right attitude though: Never giving up crucial! As long as you learned this month, that's the truest victory. And I'll toss you some points for the effort and troubleshooting this week.

      I have a long way to go in terms of conceptualizing before I even start modelling, modelling, texturing, shading, lighting and so on

      A lot of people are the same way. My first few years of learning 3D was me being too eager to start making something without putting much effort into what I was making. Only in the past 4 or 5 years have I starting taking ownership of the conceptualizing part of creation. Sounds like you've already caught on to that way before I did 😅

      Thanks for participating in the class this month. Hopefully I will see you in the next one :)

    • theluthier Ha! The past three weeks have shown me the importance of conceptualizing at the very start: at the very least it saves one time, helps one avoid last minute rushes and so on. I'm glad I joined this class.

      I am definitely going take part in the next class. Thank you again, Kent, for your help and such!