Kaj Suominen (louhikarme)

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BC1-1908 Homework, Kaj Suominen

Rethinked whole thing and decided to go with the chest afterall. and if i have time more i'll do bigger scene, keeping things simple on this after havin a talk with a good friend and actually looking my calendar. :)

Week 1 Homework Submission

not sure if i should have kept the faceted looks on the handles and round pieces, but decided to smooth them out nevertheless. onto texturing. :)

and bonus, the single objects that are instanced across

Week 2 Homework Submission 

Still workin on the extra pieces for final scene, but finished the chest painting and uv. did bit of testing on shading already

Week 3 Homework Submission  

Ok, here it is final piece. had lot of fun with this one. :)