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Polybook - Clint's quest to create 3D printable models

Hi everyone \m/  I'm starting up a polybook to jot down progress towards learning Blender and create printable 3D miniatures and terrain.  I'm a fan of tabletop dungeon crawlers, wargames, D&D etc.  and I have a bit of time (and a couple of printers) now to venture down this rabbit hole.  

I'll focus mainly on learning modeling, but would like to learn other aspects of Blender too.  It's all fun stuff.

When I'm not working on the CGCookie lessons, I've started messing around with building a Carrion Crawler.  Below is my concept sketch and where I'm at right now in the sculpting process:

We'll see how this prints out when done <.< I plan on failing a lot :)  The mouth tentacles will be a separate piece and I'll be adding in 1" x 2" base with some terrain modeled into it.

  • Hello and welcome!  I am also a fan of tabletop RPGs, so I look forward to what you can do!

  • Gesture studies!  I'm incredibly slow!  Still getting used to navigating in 3D space and memorizing hotkeys.  The gestures have been a great way to learn navigation.

    More work on the Carrion Crawler.  I don't like the mouth and tentacles :(  The overall pose seems pretty bland too.  

    • clintjohnson I don't agree, the pose might seem bland to you, and compared to your gesture studies, it actually is, but it's not a humanoid figure and if you would light this in an interesting way, (maybe a bit of SSS where needed, but even without shading) this will look amazing!

      (It already looks great like it is!)


    • spikeyxxx You're probably right Spikey, I was messing around with gestures while working on the crawler. Thanks for the insight!  Once I learn how to use lights and subsurface scatter stuff I'll get some better photos - and test this critter out on my resin printer.

  • I'm working on trying to create some little cat warriors based on the Felynes/Palicos from Monster Hunter (they're so cool).  I plan on making them primarily for 28mm miniatures printed on a resin printer.  

    This is the base mesh I've been working on while going through more of the modeling courses.  The muscles like the abs wouldn't really show due to the fur, I think they're on there just out of habit...  

  • More WIP of my Felyne project.  This is version 2.0 after scrapping 1.0.  Still working through various tutorials on sculpting and rigging.  Rigging was a pain in the butt.  I've managed to find many ways to crash Blender 2.8 and have become a habitual saver :p  However, I'm starting to get a feel for Blender and starting to like my little kitty project.


    • clintjohnson These look amazing Clint!

      Did you see Kent Trammel's Shader Forge on Resin? That would give you a nice idea on how this would look printed.

      Also, but you'll probably now this already, there is the 3D Printing Toolbox Addon in Blender (enabled by Default):

      Very handy;)

    • spikeyxxx Thanks ! \m/  I didn't know about either of these options and they'll be a great help.   I actually had to activate Print3D and it will help with all the problems I'm going to have with angles and gaps!  And it looks like I'll be doing some tuts on Shaders - I found Kent's video and that looks really cool...

    • clintjohnson Oh yes, I forgot about that, Print 3D is enabled by default in 2.80, but not in 2.79;)

  • More refined version of my Palico/Felyne type character.  I got a print out at 28mm (resin) and learned a lot about what detail prints and what doesn't - also learned more about sculpting in Blender.   Looking forward to many aesthetic and workflow changes as I start on the next practice model \m/  This one was a ton of fun.

    I also messed around with lighting, rendering and using some resin like materials.  Man, that stuff is a huge rabbit hole, lol.   I'll work on the presentation aspect a bit on the next model.