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Know-how about game assets?

Hey guys,

has somebody here a solid knowledge about the appropriate vertex-count for game assets for the specific genres like RTS, FPS, RPGS etc?

I've already searched the Web for this, but I couldn't find meaningful something .



  • Hi, that's a question I've asked myself as well before. But I've learned that in general you can't find a universal answer for it and there is no such number that applies to every game asset. A few examples:

    -My final LP model at the end of the Modeling Weapons for a First Person Shooter course has 1804 vertices (2982 tris) 

    -At the end of an AKM First Person Weapon course (aiming for AAA weapon quality) the gun has about 10k vertices

    -Other LP game objects I made have between 1.5k and 4.1k vertices

    -> I guess when you're talking about FPS weapons you'll find everything between a few hundred and 10k verts (at least from what I can tell), it just depends what result you're aiming for. AAA game characters might have even a lot more. 

    Another tip I can give you if you're unsure for how many verts you should aim, is to browse similar Sketchfab models and look up their vertex count. 

  • Hi Julian B,

    I kind of read about these numbers for First Person Shooter guns on a forum some time ago. Somebody there said that 10k vertices for a FPS gun is a good value but somebody else said that 10k is a number for a whole FPS-character and that a gun should only have about 2000 vertices.
    I think your statement about no universal answer is more than true :D But I hope to find at least a value that gives me kind of a reference point. The values you told me are doing good for this purpose. Have you tried them out in a FPS-project?

    I further more read that a unit in a strategy game shouldn't have more than 100 vertices when it's possible that there are like 400 of them present in one scene. So the next question I have is, How many vertices are a good value for a whole scene in a game?