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Any advise for UV-unwrapping this gun?

Hi there,

I've started the "modelling a first person weapon"-course. And decided to get creative for the weapon submission. Therefore unwrapping this object so can bake normals and such. But since i haven't got much experience on UV-mapping (never in 2.8), im not really sure how to tackle this for this item.

Currently, the model consists of several objects. I got several questions;
1. Should i combine all objects into one object? Is that easier for unwrapping and texturing? I intend to have this gameready (triangulated, low vertices).
2. Is there anything else that to make it "gameready"?
2. Have you got any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

About the weapon:
I'll call it the Bicyclegun.
Its ment to be a automatic sidearm for a fps-character for short-and limited mediumrange purpuses. It's worn on the right lowerarm (explains the big hole). I suppose you could call it a dualbarrelled-(semi-)automatic-beltfed-carbine. I've based the dimensions of the ammunition on the 5.57x28mm NATO rounds making room for 72 pieces..
The character would have a visor wich should display what the 2 camera's (with the 2 round things near the barrels) see. Plus the box near the picatinny rails would represent 2 lasers for guidance.
The picatinny rails have been added to give a more directional sense for the fps-perspective while also maing room for a flashlight or something.

The past 4+ months i've been experimenting with serveral addons, way-to-challenging-projects-for-my-experiencelevel, and iterations (of those) and this weapon. I've learnt that starting up blender and assume that idea's flow by, just by tinkering around, is extremely ineffiecient. Having some scetches and a todolist that describes wich parts should be added adds some structure and productivity.
But i haven't finished anything. That's something that i want to change by using this object as a vehicle to experience the whole process of making a box to a pretty render. I just to end this project in a acceptable way.

  • Looks cool. Good modeling. I think unwrapping should be pretty straight forward since it's basically a box with holes in it. The simplest start is to put seams along the sharp corners of the box and around all the internal holes. Make sure to look at the stretch display in the  UV editor. Aim for Blue to green and work on any areas that are red. In the version of 2.8 I am using from few weeks ago, it's under a drop down in the top left corner labeled "Display."

    I don't think you need to worry about making this mesh game ready while you unwrap it. Probably you'll want to make another low poly version of the gun that you then bake these normals too. I am not confident on that since I am still learning how to make game assets too.

    Anyways, just jump and start cutting seams and seeing what happens. You will learn all the mistake you made unwrapping when you texture. Then you can go back and try and fix them. Good luck.

    • train30 Thanks! Mark all sharp edges as seams works really well. About everything was dark blue.
      Though im going to make a low poly one instead of fully texturing it. As for gameready concerns; ill just model a simplyfied version of it (all in one) by adding the most defining features/edges and bake the details on it. It shouldn't be too difficult making a a-symmetrical Sdiv-able object with good edge flows.