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UV unwrapping Suzanne not sysmetrical

Hopping back in the saddle and I'm wondering if I'm missing a setting while unwrapping the monkey. Trying to follow along with the flow. You can see from the screen shot, the coloring "should" be the same but is not. and it's orientation the image editor seems shifted 90 degrees

  • Okay so I undid the seams and reapplied them and now it seemed (no pun intended) to work. I guess I can live with the 90 degree shift for now

    • pffsfs Why this is happening, I don't know, but Suzanne is already unwrapped by default and this is what it looks like if you don't try to unwrap it yourself:

      Apparently the seams for the ears are different for left and right. This must be a mistake, maybe we can even call it a bug.

    • pffsfs I also just noticed, that you are using an 'old' version of 2.80. Maybe that's why some things (like Live unwrap) aren't working.

      I recommend downloading the latest version; now the UI is 'frozen' so you can get used to where things are without relearning when the stable release comes out!

    • spikeyxxx uggg... more updates. How frustrating, but I thank you. I shall do that.