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Blender network could use career support based sites

What the blender network could use is a supported employment services site geared towards blender users. Helping blender users find jobs. If they did have connections with employers who are looking for animators, game assets, building designs, RV designs, etc. Stuff that Blender and Unity could do.

Or working independently, making music videos, or simple games, and help from the forums developing their own creations.

Often people may wonder, "how could I make money using blender?" I'd like to use Blender as a career. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to use blender and contribute as much as I like to because I have other jobs, non computer related. I have a hard time finding people who could use my artistic skills. But I have sold a few models on turbo squid.

People around me want me to do baking instead, and I'm not talking about the baking textures in blender. They enjoy the food I cook for them. But I'd rather use blender to design stuff.