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[CLOSED] FREE Blender Art Critiques - Tuesday May 28th

🚨🚨🚨 UPDATE: 22 of you submitted this time! That leaves Lampel and I only 5-6 minutes per critique which isn't much. So we decided to split them between two streams. The first 11 (including everyone who said they would be attending tomorrow, May 28th) will get critiqued tomorrow and the second 11 next week on June 4th.

We're hosting a FREE live critique stream for your Blender projects on May 28th @ 2pm EDT (UTC/GMT -4 hrs). All you need is a free CG Cookie account to participate. Of course Citizen members are welcome to participate like usual.

If you would like the focused eyes and advice of Kent and Jonathan Lampel to help push your Blender Art to the next level, please submit one of your projects to this thread. Both of us specialize in modeling, texturing, shading, and lighting but any projects (including animations) are welcome.

Instructions for Submission:

  1. Post an image or video to this thread representing your Blender Project.
  2. Optionally, if you have multiple images, post a link to your CG Cookie project like this for example.
  3. Please provide contextabout your project like:
    • What's the goal for your project? Example: "This is going to be an asset for a game I'm making." or "This is a character for a web comic I'm creating."
    • What specifically do you want advice about? Example: "I'm struggling with the face of my character and want some help with that" or " How can I improve my materials?"
  4. If you can't make it to the live stream, please say so in your thread submission reply: "I can't be there live but I'll watch the recording later."
  5. Please submit by [your] midnight on Sunday so we have time to gather our thoughts about the submissions.
  • This was my latest Project that I worked on. HINCKLEY T34

    Artstation Link: 

    Goal: 1) Wanted to create realistic materials

                 2) Improve my Modeling Skills

    I found out that the Materials were not that close to realism...How can I improve My Materials and How can I set the Scene (background) without spending a lot of time on it?

  • This was made for a competition that had the theme "Historic". I wanted it to be the pyramid, when they  were new, about 4500 years ago.  I did not win, but would like to know what I could do, to improve the image, so I could use it for my portfolio.

  • Link Wetransfer:

    Here's the link for my video. It's a demo of the demo reel. I'd say it's about 35% complete since there's some other renders to include, so lots left to do. I don't know if I should get some wireframes in there or maybe make it less so dramatic? I don't know if perhaps I should only make turntables of the models so they can be appreciated and not lots of jump cuts and so on. 

    Music and SFX is all CC0, freebies is the way to go in this YouTube dictatorship. 

    Let me know if you got to download the video, Kent.  

  • This my next woodland scene. I basing of the urban forest around home that are full of grass, unfornuately. But I lie the green lush feel. I am trying a couple different camera positions for this time. I am going for photo realism again. I have spent many hours working in it, and am about ready to set it aside and work on something else. I would like your thoughts about what is the weakest part of the image and what elements I could get the most improvement on.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to make the live stream. 

  • Hi

    Sorry i'm a little late to post my project, i hope i can still make it to the stream, if not its ok ! =)

    It is still a WIP, don't mind the mess in the back with the floor, i fixed it but i'm unable to re-render it for the moment because blender 2.8 crash.

    It is a personal project, the design is original (not a real car, not even inspired by any car existing). This is curently made with EEVEE. I'm looking for some advice on my lighting work (any other advices are welcome, even on the design) . The rims and tyres material is temporary.

    Thanks you !

  • crew

    Submissions are closed! Thanks to everyone who submitted their artwork. jlampel and I will see you tomorrow 😎

  • Hi guys, my name is David Arguedas.

    With this model I wanted to produce the best cartoonish / Stylished anathomy I could, based on the course of Jonathan Williamson. I tried to make a good looking render for my portafolio.

    In this case I think that for this proyect would be interesting to make another style instead of the manga style proposed in the course, in that way I could improve my skills on toon details, particularly the eye shapes, hands and ears....... produce a stylish/cartoonish character that people could see and dont go like "Is lloking good but......there something wrong with this and that"..........something that have the correct anatomy, related to the style I choose.

    Important: When I was doing the boots, when I applied it, I noticed that one of the boots get some weird sculpt error on it...........but to me, that error looks lik "Oh, its something different......disrrupting, and that teels some history behind that boot.........maybe a dog destroyed it............maybe an airplane crash.........we dont know.........xD" so I decided not to fix it, specially when was so easy to fix.......I decided to keep the imperfection on it..........(May be that wasnt the perfect desicion xD but...whatever xD)