Eduardo Abreu (eduo)

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Is there any Blender course not recommended for 2.8?

Hey, guys, i've been going through the courses that I haven't finished yet, I was wondering if there are any courses that you don't recommend doing in 2.8/wait for a new version? I've been meaning to do the introduction to character creation one, but I don't know since it was done in blender 2.67, will I encounter any problems while taking the course?

  • Hi Eduardo, I haven't encountered any difficulties with doing modeling courses in 2.8 (I even prefer 2.8 for this!). The only thing I still do in 2.79 is animating, because the tools for that are annoyingly hidden and harder to use in 2.8. Other than that, 2.8 works really well for the rest 😊

    You might have to look for some stuff due to UI and shortcut changes, but if you've been using Blender for a while (and I believe you do) then you'll get used to it pretty fast 😎👍🏻